Thursday, 2 August 2012

Who stole my chicken eggs???

Wak Nan called me last week and said three of his hen started laying eggs. He sounds happy. Last weekend during my visit to my little farm I checked on the hen, yes there are chicken eggs in the pot that Wak Nan used as a nesting box for the hens. We leave the eggs there as we need to go to pluck the lime fruits early in the morning. We need to go as soon as sunrise, that is around 7 o’clock in the morning. It is hard doing farm works during the fasting month, because we have to do without foods and drinks. Therefore, we  need to stop work  earlier, around 1130 am, to avoid dehydration working under the hot sun. As we arrived home, we saw a group of monkey swing and jump out of Wak Nan chicken coop. My husband stopped his car, he and Wak Nan jump out of the car, and scream to scare the monkeys. Wak Nan immediately check on the chicken eggs. He shook his head and said, its finished! Its gone! He looked really upset. I do not know that monkeys eat chicken eggs and cleaver enough to steal it from the coop. Shock by the incident, three of as just sat on the house verandah without saying a word. Suddenly Wak Nan said, it’s ok. I will build a new nesting box. My husband ask; what kind of nesting box can prevent the monkey from stealing the eggs? Monkey just like human, they know how to open it. The easiest way to solve the problem is by killing the monkeys. Wak Nan reply, just wait and see..

scenery on the way to my farm


Eggs of hen number 1

Eggs of hen number 2

Hen number 3. sooo fierce

Another hen wanted to lay her egg

Sunrise between the morning fog, my husband probade me to take more picture as we need quickly get to the farm.  

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