Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Promoting Lenggong – World Heritage Site (Part II) : Lenggong Valley an open air museum

I ever come across that in America farmer bulldoze historic artifacts that buried deep in their land during earth works for farming. I never thought that one day I am too opening a farm in the site that similar to my farmer friends in America.  Luckly, no historic artifact was found in my land during site clearing and earth works. (There are only a few trace of communist track and camp which I will be posting later.) Lenggong Valley is like an open-air museum.  It is the oldest human settlement in Malaysia about 200,000 years ago. There were over 10 archaeology sites around Lenggong Valley that hold artifacts from Stone Age to Bronze Age. Following are some of the famous sites.
1.       Bukit Jawa – oldest human settlement
2.       Kampung Temelong – oldest  human settlement
3.       Kampung Gelok – oldest human settlement  
4.       Kampung Lawin – oldest human settlement
5.       Kota Tampan – oldest prehistoric tools workshop
6.       Kampung Gua Badak – cave painting by Negrito
7.       Gua Gunung Runtuh – where Perak Man was found
8.       Gua Bunuh - Palaeolithic workshop  
9.       Gua Kelawar – Where Perak Woman was found.
10.   Gua Harimau – bronze age artifact was found

UNESCO was declared Lenggong Valley as a World Heritage Site on 30th of June 2012.

Picture from Archaeology Museum Lenggong

there are few archaeological sites in palm oil plantation behind this RM 3 million museum 

far below is kota Tampan

Archaeology Museum Lenggong was taken over by Department of National Heritage Malaysia after UNESCO Declared Lenggong as World Heritage Site 

limestone hills where Perak Man was found

people in stone age

sample of cave painting

my husband and wak nan observing excavation site

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This is an important part of Malaysia's heritage. I have my visit recorded in my blog here:


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