Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Promoting Lenggong – World Heritage Site (Part II) : Lenggong Valley an open air museum

I ever come across that in America farmer bulldoze historic artifacts that buried deep in their land during earth works for farming. I never thought that one day I am too opening a farm in the site that similar to my farmer friends in America.  Luckly, no historic artifact was found in my land during site clearing and earth works. (There are only a few trace of communist track and camp which I will be posting later.) Lenggong Valley is like an open-air museum.  It is the oldest human settlement in Malaysia about 200,000 years ago. There were over 10 archaeology sites around Lenggong Valley that hold artifacts from Stone Age to Bronze Age. Following are some of the famous sites.
1.       Bukit Jawa – oldest human settlement
2.       Kampung Temelong – oldest  human settlement
3.       Kampung Gelok – oldest human settlement  
4.       Kampung Lawin – oldest human settlement
5.       Kota Tampan – oldest prehistoric tools workshop
6.       Kampung Gua Badak – cave painting by Negrito
7.       Gua Gunung Runtuh – where Perak Man was found
8.       Gua Bunuh - Palaeolithic workshop  
9.       Gua Kelawar – Where Perak Woman was found.
10.   Gua Harimau – bronze age artifact was found

UNESCO was declared Lenggong Valley as a World Heritage Site on 30th of June 2012.

Picture from Archaeology Museum Lenggong

there are few archaeological sites in palm oil plantation behind this RM 3 million museum 

far below is kota Tampan

Archaeology Museum Lenggong was taken over by Department of National Heritage Malaysia after UNESCO Declared Lenggong as World Heritage Site 

limestone hills where Perak Man was found

people in stone age

sample of cave painting

my husband and wak nan observing excavation site

Air Karah

Our 10 acres land in Air Karah is the widest amongst 4 lots of land that we have, in a small District of Lenggong. My husband bought it in January this year, and we start clearing it in February. Due to constant, heavy rain in Air Karah, we only manage to brought in heavy machinery by April. Thank you very much to Mr. Linggam and Mr. Wang who work hard to make sure our clearing process a great success even thought we have done it in the wet season. During the process, my husband and I doing a lot of travel from Kuala Lumpur to Lenggong. We successfully done planting the rubber trees with the help of Abang Man in Mei 2012. Planting rubber trees in the middle of the forest is the biggest challenge for us, wild boar is our most dangerous enemy. Not only they like rubber trees young leaf; they also like the root of the trees. To avoid their attack we put electrical fence around the lots. Since there is no domestic electricity supply to our farm, we use solar power for the fence. So far so good, they never success in entering our land until today.

marking the boundary

thick tropical vegetation

Mr. Linggam with his machine

70 % clear

front view

there are three streams flow in this farm, this is in the front 

we call it 1 Malaysia Bridge, built by my husband, Mr. Wang and Mr. Linggam

Electrical fence expert, Mr. Grey, walk tru the bridge

cold and crystal clear 

full of water during wet season

some open burning, it is prohibited in Malaysia

electrical fence to fight the enemy
healthy young rubber tree

Friday, 27 July 2012

Log Cabin Construction - 1st week

My husband keeps on asking me when I am going to write about our small log cabin. The construction just began last week so nothing much I can share about it. Emmm.... The  idea of our cabin's plan is from a website called Kofinas:  Log House From Finland. (Thank You to Kofinas). Our cabin is about 24 feet width and 35 feet depth. Its has 3 rooms, 2 bathroom plus toilets, a kitchen and a living room. My husband wanted to build a separate guest house, but due to a tight budget, most probably we have to postpone the construction of the guest house. We are going to use solar energy for our cabin since our farm doesn't  have domestic electricity supply. The construction of our cabin is given to a long time friend En. Adi. He is a very experience contructor and always give us a very good price for his services. They started doing earth work last week, and this weekend I am going to visit them to see how the construction progress will be like.

Redraw Kofinas plan

The construction site

Discussing with En.Rafi, En. Adi partner

checking on the site

The material

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Green Crest Lizard of Lenggong

I found this beautiful small green creature last week hanging on my mangosteen tree. My husband told me that they called it PokKoh. What a funny name this lizard has. Frankly speaking, I do not know for sure what this creature real name. I never found it in my home town, in Borneo Island, but for sure its can be found easily here in my farm. I know that its got some kind of poison because my brother in-law’s cat fall sick when accidently catch and eat it. Through  my searching in Internet, i found out its call Green Crest Lizard. Its got its name from the series of crest occurred behind its head. Its commonly found in lowland forest and secondary jungle. Its can change its colour to dark brown when disturbed. Its diet mainly on insects and other small animals  

its got dark circle around its eyes

good sign, its never change colour to dark brown

My nephew shoots some more pictures on other lizard but i lost it

Wak Nan's Chicken

My worker Wak Nan said he seldom eats chicken when he was in Indonesia because he can't effort it. Chicken is very expensive in Indonesia. I do not know how far this fact is true but obviously he consume a lot of chicken since he arrived from Indonesia. Sometimes he eats 2 birds a day. wow! Quite a lot for a normal Malaysian. My sister in law calls him "human fox" for his desire towards chicken. Looking at his trend on consuming chicken, she suggested for  him to rear back yard chicken. For a start, my sister in law gives him 2 cooks and 2 hens. Than my husband bought 30 chickens for him. I told Wak Nan snake likes chicken, so he must be extra careful. I don't want any mishap occurred, to him or to any of us. Wak Nan then start repairing abandon Barn belongs to my husband cousin as his temporary chicken coop. He is doing it during his off duty. What the hard work!

he is happy with his new home.. 

gift from my sister in law 

nice feather she has

beautiful hen

hot afternoon

surrounded by beautiful hens.. i think he is very happy..

nice looking hen

another beautiful hen

its not easy to shoot her picture

we thought he is female but turn to be a young male

cute visitor.. Angelina with her mother

This baby loves to watch chicken

nice looking hen but i dont like her long leg

he is a casanova

happy dusting


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