Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Goat Pen

In early 2012, we built a new pen for our herds of goat. This pen was more comfortable for herds of 50 goats that we have. At present, we have only about 34 of them. Within six months, we lost 1 buck and 2 does to unknown disease and 9 kids to the boa.  This is a great lost since we rear them in 2010. But we are expecting to have a few newborn to increase the number by the end of this month. My son and I did the renovation work in converting the old pen into the newborn pen last month. This renovated pen would be use to keep the newborn for about two months or until they strong enough to follow the herds. We still have to do a few things on the pen to complete the transformation. Upon completion, what we need to make is a cozy, and comfortable resting and sleeping pad made of sack and hay for the expecting newborn.

P/S : For this coming Eidul Fitr, I am thinking to slaughter 2 goats for the festive open house.
*Open house is a Malaysian culture where we invite our relatives, neighbours and friends to have gathering in our house, in the month of Syawal. 

good ventilation and warmer pen

snack time

its take some times for them to adapt the new home environment

surveying the landscape at the new home

Heading towards the new pen where the snack is

Nyum Nyum Nyum

he likes petting them

Treat them with some palm oil leaves

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