Friday, 3 August 2012

Rubber Trees in Bukit Sapi

All this while I have been posted about our 10 acre land in Air Karah leaving out our 4 acres lot at Bukit Sapi. This lot is around 2 kilometres away from Air Karah. This is the place where my husband planted rubber tree for the first time 5 years ago. Thanks to my brother in-law, who help him a lot in guarding the rubber tree against wild animal such as wild boar, deer, cow and buffalo, but the biggest and the fierce of them all are the elephants. My brother in-law use to sleep in the hut that we build in the farm for fear the elephants may come at night for the rubber tree. The only weapon that he had been the empty can. When the elephants get near to our land he will make noise by hitting the empty can to scare the elephant away. This is the traditional tactic that he and the other villagers are doing for all this years. But after almost 2 years he can’t stand the wild animal any longer that we install electrical fence around the lot. The electrical fence gives us a peaceful mind. One year later, Malaysian government also put in electrical fence across the forest near by to prevent elephants from entering plantation area around Bukit Sapi. Now, beside rubber tree, our goats are also occupying this land for almost 2 years. As the rubber trees get bigger, the farm no longer suitable for the goats rearing, that we are thinking to move the goats to more suitable place than the rubber tree farm. But until now we still can’t find one.

Tropical forest at the back of our land, this picture was taken around 4 years ago 

the hut at the back of the rubber tree, where my brother in law use to sleep while guarding this farm

Another view of the hut

Rubber tree almost 4 years of age, completely covering the hut

Another picture of 4 years old rubber trees

Rubber tree after 5 years, we can't cut the grass under the tree, we have to leave it for the goats

I am worried about the rubber tree growth is not uniform. Therefore, I decided to move the goats from this farm so I could weed control and fertilize better for a more uniform growth

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