Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Hohohohoho Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to those who celebrates Christmas. This evening we were invited to a Christmas party hosted by our neighbour. The food was excellent; the host family was so nice and friendly. We ate, chat and laugh till late in the evening...

Jihah 1st time under the Christmas tree

Meme and Jihah

me and cik bee

The guest

Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Precious Goat

This year I manage to sell a few of my buck during Eid El Adha celebrations. Beside bull, buck is a favourite animal for scarifications. I can’t remember exact figure I have sold, but as far as I know, now, I only have two bucks in my pen. The return was very good and the nice part of it, people around Lenggong begin to reorganize us as a small goat herder who offers a healthy and clean medium size goat with an affordable prize to everybody (hehe nice adds)
Since I don’t have a good sire now, I plan to buy a good Boer buck soon, but looking at my financial situation now, I have to keep my dream for another year.

good sire, but I can't keep him, he has too many offspring in my pen

Nice and healthy buck. Three of them were sold

Sold. I miss their fight 

Clean and healthy

Buck with black head already sold

Buck with black colour at the back was also sold

I think this one stay hehe

Small freshwater fish market in Sauk

Sauk is a small village nearby Lenggong town where my husband always goes for his favourite fresh water fish. Last weekend I have a chance to follow him to buy his favourite freshwater fish from a friend who owns a small stall at Sauk village. Even though I was introduced to fresh water fish two decades ago (since my marriage to my husband) but  I don’t really like freshwater fish, maybe because I came from a village which situated near the ocean where our main diet was ocean fish. Contrary to that I really like fresh waterprawn; to me it’s really delicious and tasty with no strong smell.  
 If you happen to come to Lenggong you may go to Restaurant Tasek Rabban where a lot of freshwater fish dishes to choose. For non Muslim, a lot of Chinese Restaurant sales freshwater fish dishes including the famous “Saito”

common freshwater fish

two plastic begs full of fish

varse variety of freshwater fish

freshwater prawn, my favourite

Big Bro, the taukey

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rainy Season

While our friend in Northern hemisphere experience falling snow in winter, here we have heavy rain almost every day. This is a good time for planting seeds and suckers even though it’s quite scary when thunder and lightning strikes.

stream infront of my cabin

view infront of my farm

free range goat playing in the rain.

fresh water farm in Perak River

Raja Nazrin Bridge

rain rain and rain

another fresh water farm

Thursday, 6 December 2012

MAHA 2012

Last Thursday I had an opportunity to visit MAHA (Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro tourism International show) at Serdang, Selangor.  There are large areas of the exhibition, a lot of exhibitors, many participants, a lot of visitors regardless of afternoon hot sun and evening heavy downpour. My friend and I can’t afford to see the entire exhibition area because the distance between one exhibition areas to another exhibition area was quite far. Furthermore the shuttle transportation service that was supposed to bring a visitor from one area to another was very congested. Look alike the host needs some improvement for catering large number of visitors for the next event. But overall it was a nice and useful experience.

Types of Pinenapple that I grow

Got to fertilize my pineapple this weekend, so that it can grow this big

I wanted to buy one of this buck but soooo expensive

One day I will have one of these

I also plan to buy 1 young bull and 1 female calf soon

nice deers I am happy to have them as a pets in my farm

Our Vitato was bigger and nice than this

The famous Mr Sarjani with his product "Emas Hitam"

Emas Hitam Product

nice vegetables

artificial flower made of rubber tree leaves

Bunga Raya Malaysia National Flower


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