Friday, 3 August 2012

Help!!! Someone Stole My CAR!!!

My Toyota Hilux, It was Gone! Around 7.00 o’clock in the morning, my husband checked on the car and found out that our Hilux have been missing. He asked my son who was the last person driving it, my son said he returned home around 12 midnight and parked the car at its usual place. He remembered, he has been locked the car with additional security lock. First picture came out of my mind was Oh my god! How are we going to go to the farm without 4x4? I heard my husband talking to his traffic police friend over the phone asking them to look over the car; then he immediately called  North Klang Police Station to report the incident by phone. After finished talking with the officer, he looked at my sad face and said ; Its ok honey. Be patient, it is not our sustenance.
 I remember never shoot a single photo of that 4x4, but this machine does help us a lot with the farm load. My husband suggested that we bought a second hand 4x4 Pajero for temporary use. But i’m afraid we are in a thigh budget, we can’t afford, even to buy RM25k car. I guessed we just have to live with the hardship for 2 or 3 month before we can get insurance money and buy a new 4x4.
I guessed this was the model that we bought, I ever suggested a few cheaper brand but my husband insisted to buy this car

My husband love his car very much.

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