Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mother's Love

Two days after Lady Coco delivered her twins, a young doe had delivered a baby girl. Both mother and daughter are healthy. Actually I do not notice that this young doe was pregnant until Wak Nan told me so. May be because her size a bit smaller than the other does, probably because she is very young, around 1 year of age. By the way, this is her first delivered, and there is a bit tearing at her private part but Wak Nan already treated the wound, otherwise she looks ok to me. Even thought she is a young doe, she has no problem in nursing her baby. I just love watching her and Lady Coco nursing their new born babies as if I can feel the mother’s love and the babies happiness when seeing the babies waving their tail while sucking the milk.
New born baby girl

The twins, look active and healthy

Coco in colour, look alike the mother

sooo happy

The blue colour around her tail is the colour of the wound spray

Already full

But started sucking again a few moment after I put her in the pen
Coco looking at her babies with full of love

I think she is kissing her babies

Nyum Nyum Nyum... lovely mother, keep up the good job

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