Wednesday, 28 November 2012

School Holiday in Malaysia

Middle of November until January is a school holiday in Malaysia so many Malaysian took this opportunity to hold a wedding reception, family day, gathering, dinner and so on. Last weekend my husband and I attended one wedding reception, a family day, a dinner and a gathering.  This weekend we are going to attend one wedding reception and two gatherings, and for next weekend we have four weeding invitations.
Obviously we need to slow down our farming activity for some “social obligation” within these two months. 
We have been invited to Petaling Jaya Traffic police Family day at Santuary Resort Cherating Pahang

Nice and cosy apartment


Living Room

View from our balcony

Add caption

Inspector Ismail (sitting) the boss of Point Duty Unit ,Traffic Police Petaling Jaya



I'm invited to a farewell gathering for Konstable Nurul who is going to transfer to Terengganu

For ladies only...

A lot of foods 

Nice Cowboy Mug. I guess..

Everybody having fun

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Birds of Air Karah : Four small birds under the lime tree (Zebra Dove Or Ketitir Or Merbok)

Do you know that Air Karah is a paradise for bird catchers. Every weekend I saw at least two or three groups of bird catchers wandering around Air Karah trying to catch Zebra Dove (ketitir/merbok), Blue-crowned hanging parrot (serindit), Emerald Dove (Punai Tanah), Red Junglefowl (ayam hutan) etc. Looking at their car plate number I know they are from Kedah, Penang as well as Perak. Unfortunately I don’t have the opportunity to take their photos.

Friday, 9 November 2012

RIP Coco - The loving mother

Coco the old mother goat has been passed away last week. We cannot figure out what has been the cause behind her poor health recently. Before that, last two weeks we also lost her twins. The twins look weak without any reason and suddenly died. I blame myself for being so busy until I didn’t notice the health condition of the twins. Only now I realize maybe because of their mother's poor health, they didn't have enough milk, make them weak and died. Anyway they were only 3 months old.
 Hhhhhmmmmm (sigh) keeping livestock needs a lot of responsibility...

Coco among the first arrived at our farm

Coco with our papa goat - The papa goat has been sold last eid al edha

After giving birth to the twins

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

We just been robbed

Hi blogger, peace be upon you. Last week after Eid Al. Edha celebration we have been robbed by five men. I don’t want to sound racist here, but positively they are Indian men. It’s a very quick incident, while my husband, me and two of our workers trying to fix something in our chicken coop. Suddenly a Nisan Navara 4x4 trespassed our farm and drive directly to us, my husband and Wak Nan came forward to ask what they up to. Suddenly two of them jump out of the car and try to attack Wak Nan and my husband with machete. My husband avoids the attack by jumping into the bushes and Wak Nan run and jump to the ravine leaving me and Wak Mus inside the chicken coop. Before I can think of anything, one of them also arm with machete came to me and said “ Kita tak buat apa-apa. Duduk, duduk” or in English “We will not going to do any harm to you, sit, sit” before I can sit I heard one of them shout “ Wengee, wengee” and He was driving my Toyota Hilux!  Oh my god, apparently they wanted to rob my car!  With a lightning speed I saw three of them run to the car and leave us. As they go, I run out of the chicken coop looking for my husband, I saw he was down the hill, pale fear but manage to call his friend to inform the incident while I called 999. Then I noticed Wak Nan was not around, I called him but not answered, I was so afraid he was hacked by the robber. I run down the ravine keep on calling and looking for him, suddenly he replies with a weak voice, he sprains his leg while trying to escape from the robbery. After a while four of us sit in front of the chicken coop in a shocked condition. I called Pak Ngah to inform our situation. He, Mak Ngah and Kak Mah then called the villagers to help us. Pak Ngah then asked me and my husband to report the robbery at Balai Polis Lenggong, but before we arrive at Balai Polis Lenggong, one of my husband's friends called him saying that our car has been found. Thanks to Malaysian Royal Police they found my car only 35 minutes after I called 999.

our cabin at night

Wak Nan and Wak Mus like to watch TV from the cabin verandah

resting and watching TV at the cabin verandah a night before the incident took place

police dusting the car looking for finger print

minor injury

healing cuts

news paper report about the robbery

Robber leave my car on this hill after being chased by The Police

Kg. Baru Liman Kati where the car was abandoned by the robber


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