Saturday, 27 October 2012

Happy Eid Al. Adha

Malaysian celebrates Eid al-Adha today on the 26 of October 2012. The holiday starts today but many Malaysian takes leave from yesterday to celebrate the festive with their family and friends in their home town. As for our workers they started their festive holiday yesterday (Thursday) until Sunday. Just now they call my husband to ask permission to go to Kuala Lumpur, the city that became a popular destination for foreign workers during public holiday in Malaysia.
Eid al-Adha is a festival of scarification where Muslim sacrifices their livestocks. One third of the meat must be given to the poor and two third of the meat can be given to neighbours and friend. It's also to remember and commemorate the trials and triumphs of the prophet Ibrahim who was willing to sacrifice his son, Prophet Ismail, to God. This festival also marks the end of Hajj in Mecca. May Allah bless us and our families, except the Hajj and  sacrifices of all Muslims. Aminnn....

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Celebrating My Birthday at Berjaya Resort in Tioman Island

Last weekend was my birthday, my husband and I spent a little time together the whole weekend at Tioman Island. Sometimes it's nice to forget all commitment and left the hectic life in the city behind. Just eat, sleep, swimming and snorkelling.. 
Berjaya Air.. The only aviation company that's fly to Tioman Island

Tioman Airport reminds me of Pacific Island Airport

The lobby

Gift Shop behind the lobby



Wooden craft in front of the lobby

I can see a cruise from the lobby. Some people say, this cruise belongs to Tan Seri Vincent Tan, The owner of Berjaya Resort

Tired and sleepy? This is so inviting

In fact..We slept the whole afternoon hahaha

After evening tea, my husband and I spent the evening at the beach

Two little boys playing at the beach

The walkway along the beach

I think this is a navy vessel patrolling the island

The coconut tree looks so beautiful at sunset

My hubby with our ride

The sunset

2nd day - the snorkelling trip. My hubby and En.Sham at the jetty

Me at the beach ready to snorkel

1st spot - Coral Island

Clear water and beautiful beach                                    

Beautiful scenery on the way to Sanglang Village for lunch - popular spot for kayaking

Abandoned resort at Sanglang Village

Lunch at Sanglang Village

Nice ice blended

The menu

2nd snorkelling spot - The Marine Park

fish.. and  a lot of fish...

The golf course

The sea and the mountain

Tioman square

Thursday, 18 October 2012

My first incubated chicks

Sleepy, tired and exhausted, that's how I describe myself now. I have been travelling to my farm two times this week to monitor the progress of my cabin construction and to send someone there. Who is the person I will tell you later. By the way, on the 8th of October, my first incubated chicks have hatched. Among 25 eggs that I incubated only five hatched. I don’t know what the reason behind the failure is. Anyway thanks to En. Zali from Zali Agrofarm who help me a lot during the hatching process.

Chick emerges from the shells

Dry and fluffy

One of the chicks has a deformed leg

The chick can't stand properly so she/he sit when she/he eat

sleepy chick

I am so busy that I forgot to do some prepartion for the hatching, we don't have chicks food so my daughter pound some corn flake for the chicks

The chicks live on corn flake for several days until my husband bring some chick food from the farm

They are happy inside the brooder with 15 watt red bulb

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Construction of The Log Cabin : 11th weeks / day 2

Last night my husband just came back from our farm. He looks sleepy and tired. He took two days leave to help technicians from Gumi Asli Electrikal Sdn Bhd ( who install solar system in our cabin. Gumi Asli is one of Malaysia leading company in the design, installing, supply, delivery and testing solar stand alone and hybrid system in Malaysia. It's so nice to know that we are using something that do not pollute our world but just wait for the bills. Can't wait to see what the damage is like. ( I forgot to mention that my “treasury” nearly dry.. )
We also collected rain water for domestic consumption. I think we are going to have a green house..

Some of the solar panel, marked in the red colour were the toasted corns haha

Huhu look at the ceiling fan, my hubby choice, I want to change it

Two of the technicians

climbing up

This is for flowering vines, hopes I can plant one very soon

The fence nearly completed, I plan to put garden benches or rustic outdoor furniture here

we have two tanks that collected rain water, and more to come


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