Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Construction of Small Log Cabin - 3rd Week

We arrived early in the morning at Air Karah, to visit our construction site last weekend. From down the hill, we can see a blank structure look alike a tiny, little house stood up on the top of the hill. Oh my god! How small my cabin is? But its ok I guess, because it’s only for me and my husband. As for now,  our children are busy with their school and college life, only in the school holiday they would come to visit our farm and help us with the farm work. So, I think this "tiny little house look alike" would be perfectly acceptable for me and my husband. Soon, this small cabin would become our sanctuary in every weekend. 

hehehe very small

Jamil, the chief, said, we need more wooden slat for the roof

I think this would be where the wash room and pantry is

Front view

Side view

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