Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hidden Talent

When he was 9 years old he ever asked me “mummy can I learn to play guitar” of course his father says  “no”. He has to focus on his study. He has grown up and become a very rough man. He plays football, basketball and mix up with street boys.  Last year, after his final exam he asked me to buy an electric guitar. His request  shocked  me and his father. Nobody expects him to become a guitarist. Well... Since he got a very good mark in his examination I gave him RM1,300.00 and this is the result..

He chooses Ibanez to symbolize his root

Tuning his guitar

This Saturday he has band show talent competition in his college

Monday, 21 January 2013


Even though it’s still early to say we are going to be success in cultivating bananas but I hope everything will be ok.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Cops on the Farm

Recently a group of Traffic Police Officer came to visit our farm. I asked them to pull some tapiocas and sweet potatoes so that they can bring some of this vegetables home to share with their family and friends. We were very happy to have Kampong Style lunch together, collecting vegetables, visiting goat pen and chicken coop and last but not least Dinner at Warung Harga Patut Pak Aziz. Thank you for your visits officer! (Salute)

Sjn. Zaiton, Inspektor Firdaus and Koperal Yuz in action

Male cops try to pull the tapioca. hehe how is it sir? Not as easy as riding Superbike ah?

Lifting the tapioca, as if they were lifting the injured road users

Giving the chicken some kitchen left over

We are very lucky because Pak Azizi always provides our chicken with his "warung" left over

The boss with his goat

Back to school

Last week school season started in Malaysia. All my children were already back to school leaving me and my husband doing our activity on the farm. Titi already in secondary school and registered in Kwang Hua secondary school, Meme back to SMKA Kuala Selangor, Adik Azim starts his practical training in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim Sungai Petani and Abang Qhayyum as a third semester student  In KSKB Sungai Buloh. My best friend's daughter, Jihah, who transit to our house during school day already in primary one in SRJK(C) Taman Rashna. May Allah bless all of them. Amin...

My nephew, Alif and Cik Dee also start a new day this week. Both of them got a very good offer from  an electronics manufacturer company in Shah Alam. Alhamdulillah... It's good for both of them. I owed both of them so much for working so hard on our farm. Beginning from this weekend, look a like me and my husband will be travelling alone along the 300 km North - South Highway
Jihah in her full uniform

Titi : Kwang Hua secondary school student

My hostel life. Meme with her friends

On the first day of school, parents will usually provide their children with food.
Therefore the children share their food at the hostel

Practical training in Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim Sungai Petani

I cannot correct the position of this picture. I think he was teaching children to wash their hands

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Bye bye 2012 ... Welcome 2013....
We had a small gathering last night to celebrate the coming New Year 2013. Everybody was present at the gathering, my sister, my best friend, my niece and nephew. All my children also around except my beloved son Abdullah Iqram who presently pursuing his study in Egypt. We miss him very much because every single New Year he is the one who acting as an organizer. So this year the celebration not as great and elaborate as before (because he is not around to plan every detail) but everybody was happy and enjoys the night.

Cik Dee "The Griller"

Prawns and chicken wings

food.. food .. and a lot of food...

Solastica and Jason looking at The Brinjal Grill 

Embak, Titi, Herry, Ayu and Cik Dee

Cik Bee, Cik Yang, Abah, Azrul and Ilam

Titi, Cik Dee and Herry are still grilling at midnight

Almost finish with the finisher.. 

Fireworks at I-City can be viewed from my house

I can't get a good picture of The Fireworks

It's nice to have a house located near I-City Shah Alam where you can view all the excitement


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