Friday, 3 August 2012

My Sweet Corn Story

It makes me laughs when I remember about my first experience on planting sweet corn. I never seed corn in my whole life but my husband act as he is a real guru. He told me planting corn is extremely easy; he always did it during his child life with his parents; just do a little hole on the ground with a stick, drop 2 or 3 seeds in that hole, then cover the hole with are soils and bla.. bla.. bla... Ok I said; let’s plant it!  Since it sound remarkably easy. So he asked me to soak 1 kg of sweet corn seeds 1 night before planting day. The next day, early in the morning, we begin our activity. My husband makes a small hole with a stick while I am planting the seeds. He told me that I must leave the seeds in the vessel that hold water, and I must carry the vessel during planting activity. This will  maintain the moisture of the seeds. I said it was not practical  because the container was heavy; I better tossed  the seeds and put in a plastic bag; it is lighter and easy to carry compare to the seeds in a bowl full of water. The sweet corn guru get annoy with me but let me do what I want. Then he said you must kick the earth to cover the hole; I said that makes my leg hurt; I better use stick to dig the soil to cover the hole. He got enough with me, and said ok; you just sit there, lets me do it by myself. We keep on arguing during the entire process until finally we finished planting 1 kg of sweet corn seeds. Unfortunately after planting the seeds drought season came to Air Karah. Until now, unusual, low rainfall was collected. The sweet corn not grows as well as we expected and Last week we started harvesting our corn. Let see how our return come out!

nearly completed the harvesting process

he laughs when he saw our corn seedling, but not bad for a first timer he said

Wak Nan and my nephew Fathu, collecting the corn

Wak Nan carrying a sack of corn, its heavy he said

Despite unusual low rain, we got this return

Another good looking corn

This one also look good

We bring 1 full sack of corn to Batai Sea, My nieces were given the honour to peel it

After some times both of them get bored and return to the phone

sweet and milky

Not bad ahh? it

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