Thursday, 18 July 2013

Alanwasahlan Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Ramadhan al Mubarak has come again,  as for me and the rest of the Muslims around the world; our daily routine has changed a little. During Ramadhan we are more focused on our spiritual activities such as fasting, prayer and reciting al Quran. It also means less time for blogging (smile).
This Ramadhan three of my kids were not with me, Abang still in KSKB Sungai Buloh, Azim is doing his practical training in Hospital Sungai Petani Kedah, and my daughter meme is in SMKA Kuala Selangor. I miss them very much especially my daughter because she always accompanies me to the mosque for Tarawikh in the fasting month. This year my daughter will sit for his PMR exam, so she won’t be back until Aidil Fitri holiday. Look alike I have to go alone to the mosque along this Ramadhan. However my son, Iqram, has come back from Egypt to spend his summer holiday with us. That makes our Iftar mood, further more my nephews and niece (Alif, Lin and Eppy) always come home to breakfast together.

Our daily routine Insyallah

Monday, 1 July 2013

What We Harvest Last Sunday : 30th June 2013

What we harvested last Sunday consisted of chilies, brinjal, long beans, mustard, okra, mangosteen and hog plum

My sister in law makes chilies in black soya sauces out of these 1 full big bowls of chilies
Brinjal, long beans and long bean shoots, perfect for sayur bening (light vegetable soup)

My maid selecting freshly harvested mustard

Growing healthy without pesticides

My okra

The Ulam Raja

Mangosteen started ripening

We collected a lot of hog plum this week. Hopefully  I will be able to  make hog plum pickles for the first time this week.

I like to add these green chilies and long beans in fried rice

Early Morning Fog at Little Farm

Morning fog at the Little Farm, wake up with fresh and pleasant weather, plus I love the feeling of living like a Highlander (smile)
Early morning view from our cabin kitchen

What a relief to see the morning mist

Morning dew : look at the wet fence and floor, Seemingly drizzle was falling.

End of the lot barely visible

Close up to the end of the lot

Sawmill in front of my cabin

These little fellow never afraid of cold and moist weather, instead, they were wandering in front of my cabin early in the morning

I thought they are supposed to stay under their mother to get some heat especially in the cold morning

Looking for small insects for breakfast, two of them still sleepy..


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