Sunday, 5 August 2012

Promoting Lenggong – World Heritage Site (Part III) : Perak Man and Perak Woman

Lenggong regain its popularity in 1991 when a team of archaeologists from University Science Malaysia leads by Dr. Zuriana Majid  found “Perak Man” at Gua Gunung Runtuh.  Just a few kilometers from Lenggong town.  “Perak Man”  was the oldest remain in Malaysia, and the most complete skeleton ever found in Southeast Asia for this time period. He dates to about 11,000 years before present. It is the belief that he was 5 foot tall, disability, 45 years old high-hierarchy man in his society.  His burial ground was decorated with tools offering such as pebble tools and hammer, meat offering such as meats of wild boar, monitor lizard, monkey, deer and layers of small shells. Further excavation in 2004 found “Perak Women” in Gua Kelawar just a few kilometers away from Gua Gunung Runtuh where Perak Man was found, but she dates only 8000 years before present. RM 3 million Archaeology Museum then built to house Perak Man and Perak Woman in Kota Tampan. 

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Brian Pks said...

Author i am currently running a research on Lengong Valley’s Personality, can you kindly fill in the questionnaire for me, and the same time allow the readers or whoever had visited the heritage site to fill in as well. Thanks for your kind help. Will be appreciate if you can suggest to friends who had visited the Lenggong Valley as well.


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