Sunday, 5 August 2012

Drought Season in Air Karah

Very little precipitation for the last 3 months in Air Karah. Due to this weather condition my husband decided to defer a few planting project. Besides that he also worried about the condition of  crop that we plant before the drought season. Some of the bananas sucker begin to withered.  My husband then decided to buy a water pump so we can use water from the stream to water the crops. We hope this will help them  to cope with the hot weather. Wak Nan has to do it every alternate day. It is a tiring work, but it’s not much help to some crops like bananas, sweet potatoes and pineapple. They just can’t survive. Worried about this prolong condition, I checked the weather forecast that Meteorology Department of Malaysia provides us especially in the District of Hulu Perak every single week and pray for some rain but so far still no luck. I hope there are some rains after Eidul Fitr for us here at our farm in Air Karah.

This was the landscape in the rainy season

This is the landscape now

very very dry like a desert

Just imagine how the banana sucker can survive in this condition, the blue barrel was used to collect water
The withered banana sucker
This is the water pump
my husband with pineapple sucker

Unhealthy pineapple sucker
Before : A lot of water in the stream
A lot of water in the stream

After : The drying stream

Somebody can't stand the hot weather and jump into the river

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