Sunday, 12 August 2012

Three acres lot at Kg. Chepor

We have finished planting rubber tree at our Air Karah 10 acres lot, now it’s time to think about our 3 acres lot at Kampung Chepor. Of course, the first yield would be the rubber tree, but we are still in doubt what plant to be integrated with the main crop. My husband likes to plant Persian Lime because these shrubs support our financial (a lot) for the time being. But we have to wait almost 1 year to obtain the return if we choose for lime. As I need earnest money now, so cash crop is the only solution. I am thinking about planting tobacco, I heard the gain is extraordinarily good. But it’s against my personal view. As an anti smoking person, it’s look hypocrite if I do something to support the industries. I check with the FAMA, and the FAMA officer suggested that we plant either Vitato potato or water melon. Till now still no word from my husband.

walkway along the bush, on the left is our lot

Bushwalking... of thick vegetation

The border

we need at least 1 month to clear this bush

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