Sunday, 26 August 2012

Surviving the Drought

Last weekend I check on the sucker and seedling that we plant before drought season last two months. Amazingly some plant just can’t give up. These are some survivor..

We plant 500 banana sucker before the drought, next weekend I will count how many survive the drought

So happy to see them grow

This one got another sucker

The banana sucker, actually i already give up on them, but somehow many of them survive

This sucker certainly looked healthy

this is at the hill side, I remember how difficult to water them during drought season

I hope this pineapple sucker can survive

Not many of them survive although pineapple well known better adapt to the drought

I think drought doesn't effect tapioca at all, all of them look healthy and happy

Tapioca shoots. One of Malaysian favourite dishes

Have you tried boiled tapioca with salted fish.. the taste is out of the world..

Sweet potatoes

still very young, if the drought continue I think they can make it through

Another young sweet potatoes

Coconut. Out of ten, three  burn,wilted and eventually dead

survive but in poor condition

Another survivor

looked ok

A little shower make the corn seeds start germinate

another corn seedling

Lime. Some can't get through the drought

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