Sunday, 26 August 2012

Time to Deworm, Vitamins and Postpartum Injections

We deworm our goats four times a year. This process consumes a lot of energy especially for us who do not have medical experience. Luckily this time we have a professional helper. Hafiz is my husband’s nephew; he is a paramedic in Hospital Taiping Perak. He is very well versed with the syringe, the CC, the needles etc. . . .. He was doing the injecting job while my husband and Wak Nan hold the goats firmly. My job only reads the prescription from the pamphlets.

Coco and the young doe who just given birth also injected with some vitamins and postpartum medications suggested by Dr. Sue, The Vet. That was my idea because I felt that after give birth those mothers needs some extra energy. We administered the medication without any knowledge by injecting this medication the mother will experience severe pain.  I read the instruction and asked Hafiz to give the young doe 5cc of this medication. She screamed like crazy at one time I thought she is going to die. But thanks god, after 5 minutes she starts walking and eating. After that, we gave Coco only 2 CC, although she can’t move her leg after we injected her, she didn’t scream like the young doe.
I asked Wak Nan to check the condition of the goats this morning and I received reports saying that everything was fine.

The kids. Because of their size and weight, not much problem in injecting process

light and easy

This doe is lactating mother so we gave her some vitamins too

This is also a lactating doe

Young goats, not so tough

Mature goat, quite tough job

The buck. Need some skills...

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