Thursday, 2 August 2012

Log Cabin Construction - 2nd week

Today is a bad day for me. I get a severe migraine. In this condition, I just wanted to write a little about the development of my cabin in the construction of the second week. During my visit, last weekend, the ground work is still underway. Due to logistical problems and the month of fasting, the work is expected to slow. En Rafi had apologized to the delay in the work progressed. There is a possibility of work can not be completed by Eidul Fitr. My husband jokingly said; we are not going to celebrate Eidul Fitr here, we are still living in the Klang. emmm you are a nice man dear..always..

start working as early as possible 

base for the pillars, I think

Frames for doors and windows

This is the pillars
working under the hot sun (37-39 degree celsius) without a drop of water..excellent!

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