Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Promoting Lenggong – World Heritage Site (Part IV) : Kota Tampan and Bukit Jawa

Beside “Perak Man” and “Perak Woman” Lenggong also well known for its Kota Tampan and Bukit Jawa archeology site. Excavation in Kota Tampan has been started since 1938 and revealed that it is a tool production area during Paleolithic t Age. This workshop was operated by the lake shore some 75,000 years ago. 50,000 stone tools have been found and recorded in Kota Tampan such as pebble stone, hammer and anvils. It is belief Kota Tampan has its own culture which calls the Tampanian. This workshop was abandon due to volcanic eruption in Lake Toba Sumatera Indonesia. Bukit Jawa is the only undisturbed Stone Age site in Southeast Asia. This Paleolithic site which dated 200,000 to 300,000 years ago is the oldest in Malaysia beside Kampung Temelong and Kampung Gelok. It is belief that Bukit Jawa was an Island which in the coastal area of the Lake Chenderoh. Excavation in Bukit Jawa that was done in 1996 discovered 150,000 pieces of stone artifacts. These findings strengthen the facts that Lenggong Valley is the oldest human settlement in Malaysia and one of the oldest in Southeast Asia.

Kampung Baru Kota Tampan. The new chinese settlement in Kota Tampan

Excavation area at Kota Tampan

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