Sunday, 26 August 2012

Our First Chicks

Despite my condition I managed to visit my farm yesterday. My husband and I arrived at the farm around 1.30 in the morning. Wak Nan already in a deep sleep when my husband calls him to open the door for us. Upon arrival we immediately went to bed only woke up by chicken and rooster noise early in the morning. I told my husband to check up on the coop, to see what's going on with the noise; only then Wak Nan told him that it’s just chickens laying eggs. Oh my god, I didn’t remember chickens were so noisy when laying their eggs. Disturbed by the noise, I woke up and went out to see the morning view from the veranda. Then I heard a little sound, cip cip cip.. I saw chicks around their mama... So cute and so little... There were seven small chicks altogether.  Wak Nan told me that they were 3 days old, Oooopss we didn’t do any preparation for these chicks. No drinker, no food dispenser, no brooder.. I quickly took my morning bath and went to the market to do some shopping. But before that I pound some dry corn for the chicks, and then pour some water into the plate for their drinks.  I think that was sufficient before I bought some real chicks accessories.

Cold morning, the mother completely covering her chicks, except for this one, must be very naughty chick

Then four chicks came out

I just scattered pounded dry corn around them

This is how I pound the dry corn

and this is how they turn out

The chicks still under their mother except this one

she is teaching her baby to eat

I pour some water into this plate and then put small rock into it to prevent the chicks from drowning

This is what we got from the market, an astro box, drinker and chicks feed

I bought some material for Wak Nan to build a brooder, but for to night, the chicks have to spent their night in this astro box I got from electrical shop down town.

Mama chicks feed her babies

Ok clever babies..

Fast learner..Starts feeding by themselves

Ok children.. time to drink

Ok everybody take your turns

Thirsty little chick

Time to play

WeeeeHeee I am going to slide down mama

Save and nice landing

I love to climb mama

Be careful.. or you will break your leg..

Ok children time to sleep..

Ok mom.. I am going to bed now

And you human! enough with that photo! Opppsss sorry mama...

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