Friday, 27 July 2012

Log Cabin Construction - 1st week

My husband keeps on asking me when I am going to write about our small log cabin. The construction just began last week so nothing much I can share about it. Emmm.... The  idea of our cabin's plan is from a website called Kofinas:  Log House From Finland. (Thank You to Kofinas). Our cabin is about 24 feet width and 35 feet depth. Its has 3 rooms, 2 bathroom plus toilets, a kitchen and a living room. My husband wanted to build a separate guest house, but due to a tight budget, most probably we have to postpone the construction of the guest house. We are going to use solar energy for our cabin since our farm doesn't  have domestic electricity supply. The construction of our cabin is given to a long time friend En. Adi. He is a very experience contructor and always give us a very good price for his services. They started doing earth work last week, and this weekend I am going to visit them to see how the construction progress will be like.

Redraw Kofinas plan

The construction site

Discussing with En.Rafi, En. Adi partner

checking on the site

The material


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to read about your farming n cabin log blog, it fit my dream too... farming, goat pen, cabin log concept, may i know by building the cabin from sketch, would roughly cost how much?

rasimah abdul rahman said...

hi, my cabin cost around RM100k. but the cost wont be that high if i use local contractor. I appointed contractor from KL because i was in hurry. i need place for my workers to stay


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