Monday, 23 July 2012

1st Iftar at Batai Sea

3 days before fasting month, I post an invitation to my sister, nephews and nieces to celebrate 1st Iftar with me in my house at Batai Sea. Traditionally Malaysian will "balik kampung" (going back to the home town) to celebrate 1st Iftar with parents and family, but for my sister, nephews and nieces who's family live far away in Borneo Island, my house is the only home they have here in West Malaysia. Not only I'm the only closest relative they have but also I'm the oldest among us. So, most of the time, I'm the one who play the role as a big sister, responsible to plan the gathering, the venue, the food and so on. Well.. Certainly not a big problem to me.

my sons, my nephew and my husband chatting while waiting for break fasting

the foods.. yummyy

grill chicken, fried chicken and vegetable soup

more veggie for healthy diet 

traditional malay cake for dessert

Time to break fast

@ time to eat

small gathering for small boys

The left over and no left over at all (below)

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