Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Promoting Lenggong as a World Heritage Site -Part I

Lenggong is my husband home town and where our farm is situated. Town of Lenggong is a quiet, small and pollution-free town. It has only about 6 block of shops, which built on the both side of the town main road. 2 banks operated in this town with no deposit machine. Small district of Lenggong surrounded by tropical forest and limestone hills. Its population is about 20000 people scattered in several small villages. Perak River, the 2nd longest river in Malaysia flow across a few villages in Lenggong. In Kampung Chepor, my husband village, the river flow just a few meter from villager's back yard. This makes fresh water fish among favourite dishes to Lenggong community. I set my foot in Lenggong soon after our marriage in 1988. Since then, I was fall in love to its simple village life, misty morning, pleasant weather, cloudy mountain, beautiful river and peaceful forest

misty morning by the river 
small town of Lenggong. Picture from The Star.com

Cloudy mountain

Beautiful Lake Raban, Once it is part of Perak River

Fresh water fish farming 

Lake Raban Resort

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