Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wak Nan's Chicken

My worker Wak Nan said he seldom eats chicken when he was in Indonesia because he can't effort it. Chicken is very expensive in Indonesia. I do not know how far this fact is true but obviously he consume a lot of chicken since he arrived from Indonesia. Sometimes he eats 2 birds a day. wow! Quite a lot for a normal Malaysian. My sister in law calls him "human fox" for his desire towards chicken. Looking at his trend on consuming chicken, she suggested for  him to rear back yard chicken. For a start, my sister in law gives him 2 cooks and 2 hens. Than my husband bought 30 chickens for him. I told Wak Nan snake likes chicken, so he must be extra careful. I don't want any mishap occurred, to him or to any of us. Wak Nan then start repairing abandon Barn belongs to my husband cousin as his temporary chicken coop. He is doing it during his off duty. What the hard work!

he is happy with his new home.. 

gift from my sister in law 

nice feather she has

beautiful hen

hot afternoon

surrounded by beautiful hens.. i think he is very happy..

nice looking hen

another beautiful hen

its not easy to shoot her picture

we thought he is female but turn to be a young male

cute visitor.. Angelina with her mother

This baby loves to watch chicken

nice looking hen but i dont like her long leg

he is a casanova

happy dusting

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