Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Air Karah

Our 10 acres land in Air Karah is the widest amongst 4 lots of land that we have, in a small District of Lenggong. My husband bought it in January this year, and we start clearing it in February. Due to constant, heavy rain in Air Karah, we only manage to brought in heavy machinery by April. Thank you very much to Mr. Linggam and Mr. Wang who work hard to make sure our clearing process a great success even thought we have done it in the wet season. During the process, my husband and I doing a lot of travel from Kuala Lumpur to Lenggong. We successfully done planting the rubber trees with the help of Abang Man in Mei 2012. Planting rubber trees in the middle of the forest is the biggest challenge for us, wild boar is our most dangerous enemy. Not only they like rubber trees young leaf; they also like the root of the trees. To avoid their attack we put electrical fence around the lots. Since there is no domestic electricity supply to our farm, we use solar power for the fence. So far so good, they never success in entering our land until today.

marking the boundary

thick tropical vegetation

Mr. Linggam with his machine

70 % clear

front view

there are three streams flow in this farm, this is in the front 

we call it 1 Malaysia Bridge, built by my husband, Mr. Wang and Mr. Linggam

Electrical fence expert, Mr. Grey, walk tru the bridge

cold and crystal clear 

full of water during wet season

some open burning, it is prohibited in Malaysia

electrical fence to fight the enemy
healthy young rubber tree

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