Thursday, 26 July 2012

Green Crest Lizard of Lenggong

I found this beautiful small green creature last week hanging on my mangosteen tree. My husband told me that they called it PokKoh. What a funny name this lizard has. Frankly speaking, I do not know for sure what this creature real name. I never found it in my home town, in Borneo Island, but for sure its can be found easily here in my farm. I know that its got some kind of poison because my brother in-law’s cat fall sick when accidently catch and eat it. Through  my searching in Internet, i found out its call Green Crest Lizard. Its got its name from the series of crest occurred behind its head. Its commonly found in lowland forest and secondary jungle. Its can change its colour to dark brown when disturbed. Its diet mainly on insects and other small animals  

its got dark circle around its eyes

good sign, its never change colour to dark brown

My nephew shoots some more pictures on other lizard but i lost it

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