Monday, 23 July 2012

Let me introduce you to my goats

In August 2010, during my visit to yogjakarta Indonesia, I received a call from my brother in law saying that his friend wanted to sell a herd of goats. Its doesn't take me long to say yes because first, I like animals and second, its costly making oversea calls. This goat herds consist of 2 bucks, 20 does and 4 kids. The price was only RM7,000 (USD 2,400)
After 2 years, we have about 50 goats, (I couldn't remember how many bucks, does and kids we have.) But after "the boa" incident we only managed to save 37 of them.

1st generation of the herd, my nephew observing them upon arrival at our farm.

my daughter with one of the kids, now the kid is 2 years of age
my son love to play with goat kids

my son with my brother in law, Pak Ngah, he is 60 years old but still strong and healthy
our first pen after completion in 2010, now its become pen for a new born 

grazing on hilly terrain
the only buck we have now

stokin (socks in english) now 18 months old and has 1 kid

they love oil palm leaves, we lost one of the bucks in this picture to unknown disease 
we lost this twins to a boa
still alive and a big kid now, we call him Siamese cat

2 years old this year, but we lost him too

coco an old mother, we lost her twins to the boa, now she is pregnant again

slaughter one of the does, this picture may disturb some audience

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