Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pruning and fertilizing operations

2nd project we done before Ramadhan was pruning and fertilizing lime trees. This project only involved three person, my husband,  my nephew, alif and Wak Nan, my worker. The rest of the 'crew' has left whether for work or school. It was a hard job for three of them, they have to pull the branch up at least 1 feet from the ground, to make the branch stay on that position they then  put a pole under the branch. Higher branch will promote good air circulation under the tree, easy to fertilize, easy to harvest and to allow additional sunlight to pass through, which help prevent diseases. Demand for lime fruits is quite good now. Beside lime extracts are used in cleaning product and aromatherapy its also a common ingredient in Malay and Thai dishes. Health benefit of lime can be read thru this link

carefully select the right branch

support the branch with a stick

my husband proud of his fruits production

Wak Nan happy and funny young man

my nephew, alif, mr. lime to be

as for me, just pull the grass under the tree with my golf golve

we found many empty bird nest on the branch

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bleanck_braiyne said...

itu boleh makan.. diorg panggil salad pepperomia ka apa ntah..


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