Friday, 7 June 2013

Not blogging for the last 5 months. Part II

Lahad Datu Standoff: Tribute to the fallen heroes

1st March 2013 – Lahad Datu Standoff was the saddest tragedy in Malaysian modern history. We lost 10 of our security personnel during the intrusion.  The news of our forces first casualties (Alayarham ASP Zulkafli and Sarjan Sabaruddin) reached us on Friday afternoon, 1st March 2013, at that time we were having Police's Family Association Annual Meeting. As a security forces family members, the feeling of sadness among us can’t be explained by any words.
Despite the sad news my husband and I did our weekend visit to our farm after attended the meeting. There were no conversations between my husband and me on our way to the little farm as the feeling of sadness still on the air. On Saturday, as usual, my husband did his routine works in the farm, but in the evening we received shocking news saying that our forces were ambushed by the terrorist in Semporna. Several personnel were missing and a few captured by the terrorist. We can’t sleep the whole night, waiting for the latest news from friends and family in Sabah. Deep inside my heart, I feared the safety of my family members in Sabah. Early in the morning my husband asked me to pack our belonging. In a few minutes we were heading back to Kuala Lumpur, worried that he may be called for duties. 
It was a hard time for all Malaysian, 10 of our security forces was died in the line of duties, 8 from Royal Malaysia Police and 2 from Malaysian Armed Forces.  
On the 4th March, I have an opportunity to attend the funeral ceremony of the late Wira Negara Alayarham Corporal Mohd Azrul Bin Tukiran, one of the police personnel who died in Semporna.   
May Allah bless our fallen heroes. Al- fatihah...

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