Thursday, 20 June 2013

Harvest Sunday : 16 June 2013

Every Sunday, late in the afternoon, I usually do some harvesting before I go back to Kuala Lumpur. These are what I got last Sunday.

We still have brinjal and eggplant, this time we harvest about a bucket of them. So my husband (for the second time) gives the full bucket to his office mate
This is Ulam Raja, Malaysian belief this herb can promote blood circulation, content anti ageing, and strengthen the bones. I got a lot of them in my kitchen garden. I never test these herbs before but yesterday I tried it with asam laksa, awesome...

My maid has already sauteed some of this long beans, so this is has been left for me to take pictures.

My maid said, Indonesian loves these chilies, I love it too because it's not too hot 

I love these green chilies, sauteed with vegetables or cooked with fish and soya bean paste

We called this fruit buah kedondong (hug plum), this week we harvest around 20 to 30  hug plums but half of it we eat raw under the tree

Some of the chilies variety that we grow, we can harvest a kilo per week

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