Sunday, 9 June 2013

Not blogging for the last 5 months : Part III

8 February 2013 : Visit to Wak Nan Family - Surabaya

In conjunction with my husband birthday, we went for 1-week vacation in Surabaya Indonesia. This trip gives us a chance to relax after working 7 days a week for nearly a year. Besides that, we also plan to visit Wak Nan family, which is in Jember. Jember is a small town located around 100 kilometres of Surabaya. Our intention was simply and solely to have a closer relationship with our worker's family that we assume as our family too.

 (Now, Wak Nan is having 1-month holiday with his family, he supposes to return to Malaysia by end of this June)

 Suramadu Bridge linking Surabaya City and Madura Island

The traditional fisherman near Suramadu Bridge

Welcome to Madura Island

Restaurant at the end of Suramadu Bridge. I love the rawon soup and sate kambing. My husband likes the ox tail soup 

In front of the House of Sempoerna Cigarette Museum. both of us not a smoker but we found that its interesting to visit this museum 

The history of the sampoerna founder laid in the 1st floor of the museum

The Submarine Monument

Sura (shark) and Buyo(crocodile) Monument

Wak Nan's wife and children. Baby Afgan Lorenzo never sees his father. he was born 10 days after Wak Nan came to Malaysia

Wak Nan's mother in law with Baby Afgan Lorenzo

Wak Nan's daughter with her grand father (Wak Nan's father in law)

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