Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Haze is coming to town...

Haze... Haze... And haze.. Yesterday the Air Pollution Index  was 295, now it's going up to 487+. Every year we experience the same situation but no concrete preventive action has been taken to ease the problem. 
On last Monday night, As we entered the Selangor State, (we arrived at the state from Little Farm around 11 at night) I felt like I am entering a fogging zone. When we reached home, my son greeted us with the news that the government already ordered all schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor to be close starting Monday. So I asked my children to stay inside the house and cancel all their sports activities. 
Yesterday, during my site visit to the new hospital project, I myself experienced some dizziness due to exposure to the haze. If I can't stand the haze in a few hours, I wonder how my husband and his fellow traffic police officer coping with the situation along the highway. Heavy haze plus heavy traffic. 
Today, I just sit in my office doing some administrative works ( and keep on wondering why in Indonesia farmers need to do open burning in large skills every year, isn’t it weird? )

View from level 4 of the hospital building yesterday

Today situation getting worse, with the API is shooting up to 487. If API reaches 500+,  I think the government will release the emergency order to close all office and business premises.
Even though the haze situation is worsening some parents just let their children playing at the hospital mini playground

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