Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Not blogging for the last 5 months. Part 1

I have been busy for the last 5 months that makes impossible for me to post something in my blog. Within this 5 months a few events and incident took place in Malaysia, which also affect our life activities in Little Farm. Here are some of the events and incidents which I do not have opportunities to share with you before, some sweets but some sad and sour.

January 27 - Mauliddur Rasul Celebration in Little Farm (Celebration of the Prophet Muhammad Birthday) in Little Farm

I am very grateful that Allah gives us opportunities to celebrate Prophet Muhammad Birthday in our farm. We invite our neighbors and friends for prayer, Surah Yasin recite, Salawat upon Rasulullah and last but not least a small reception. May Allah bless our gathering and strengthen our society. Amin..

The Imam


some of the guests
The ladies guests, sitting under the tent. should provide bigger tent next time

small reception

Tradition :  "makan berhidang" 

New Culture : Bar B Que

Cops from PJ 

5pm all guests walking down the hill. Alhamdulillah everybody was happy. Thank you from my husband and me to all family, friends and guests who make this celebration a successful event.  

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