Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Not blogging for the last 5 months: Part V

May 16 2013 - The biggest tragedy ever

Since Wak Nan is going to take one-month leave, we decided to relocate our goats from Bukit Sapi to Air Karah. Our main reason was to ease the burden of managing the farm for Shari during Wak Nan absent. The plan was to relocate the goats before May 16, in order to meet the target date Wak Nan and Shari working day and night to build the new pen in Air Karah. We were very happy when finally the pen was ready, on the 14 of May we were successfully transferred the herd to Air Karah.

From my reading, I know that goats usually will take some times to adjust with the new environment. I monitor closely for three days if there are sign of trouble. By end of one week, seems no problem at all, the herd looks happy and grazing comfortably in the new area. Therefore, I left Shari to handle everything and I went back to KL. Unfortunately, my thought was wrong, one evening Shari called to inform us that two of our goats got sick, looks likes they have bloated. (I think that was due to toxic plant they ate. Most probably in our neighbour's rubber plantation) Shari tried everything to help the goats but failed, he did not have a choice but to slaughters the goats. Late at night, we received the news saying that we already lost 14 of them. By end of 2 days, we lost half of the population of our goats. This is a biggest tragedy ever within 2 years of experience rearing are goats. I felt sad but I remember Allah the almighty, Allah who has it all. Until now the feeling of sadness, still there, even thought, I know this is all fate, everything will of god.

cleaning all mites and parasites before transportation proses begin

later, I find out this is a very effective preventive measure against parasites and mites

finishing the floor of the pen

11 o'clock at night
have to catch and carry them one by one

someone has to guard them at the vehicles

some of them quite heavy

this picture was taken a few minutes after we completed the transferring process. I feel sad every time I see this picture, only god knows the reasons behind this tragedy. everything happen for a reason.

Happy grazing

a lot of leaves and grass they look so happy
sometimes my husband let them cross the road so that they can graze around Ah Meng's saw mill
I love to see them happily running across the road

Empty pen, after the incident, this is our "goats population"  now.

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