Friday, 21 June 2013

What We Did Last Sunday : 16 June 2013

Body aches and fatigue that’s how I describe our condition (my maid and I) last Sunday. Both of us never do a hard workout before, but last Sunday we went down to the muddy area down the hill to plant some herbs. Salem, Pegaga, Kesum dan Keladi is the species that needs a lot of water or muddy area to grow. Since our back yard quite dry and we never trust Sari and Wak Mus in watering our herbs, we have to look for muddy areas to plant them. We have no choice except to go down the hill along the rubber tree terrace to reach the muddy area near the stream. Go down the hill was not a problem but going up was a different story. Once again Wak Isa, my husband's office mate, become our main seedlings contributor. He provides us with yam suckers and rooted cutting selom (water celery),  pegaga (pennywort) and kesom (Vietnamese coriander).

My maid in action, she is a diabetic patient, I felt worried if she can't stand in the afternoon heat, but she said "boleh.."

We don't aspect the area so muddy, we only use slipper and sock, supposedly we use farm shoes

Water celery, they need shady area but we can't provide that, let's see whether they can stand direct sunlight or not

pokok kesum

A line of pegaga

close up the pegaga

Some said muddy area suitable for yams.

We also relocated some yams that I planted nearly six months ago, they look unhealthy and small maybe because I planted them in a sandy area.

Beside planted marginal water plant, we also planted pokok kari (curry tree) and Scrambling Gynura (I do not know what Malay call it but Indonesian call it as pokok sambung nyawa) in our back yard. We got stem cutting pokok sambung nyawa and pokok kari (curry tree) from my house in Kuala Lumpur.

This was the condition of our potted pokok sambung nyawa in my house in KL, not so healthy

Behind our cabin kitchen

Since she has a green fingers, I asked her to plant all the herbs

Hopefully our pokok sambung nyawa would be in a nice condition after we left them for a week

Curry tree seedlings I am going to check its condition this weekend

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