Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Pisang Tanduk

Our bananas have started ripening since two months ago but I did not have the opportunity to post any of the bananas photo. For the time being, only three types of bananas have been ripening which is Pisang Nangka, Pisang Tanduk and Pisang Emas. My favorite is Pisang Tanduk, of course for its taste and texture. For me it has Jackfruit taste with a light sweet aroma while its texture is quite hard even though it’s on ripening stage, that's  making it very suitable for frying.  In fact, it is so popular among fried banana lovers for its texture. However, my husband shows less interest in planting Pisang Tanduk. One of the reasons is that Pisang Tanduk rarely produce big, nice and beautiful bunches compare to Pisang Nangka and Pisang Emas in our farm . He always said that our soil and rainfall distribution did not favorably for cultivating this type of banana; and he is planning to exclude Pisang Tanduk in our next Planting Calendar. But I am against his idea, for me, our planting time was wrong last year. We started planting Pisang Tanduk during drought season . I remembered clearly, (before we got our water pump from the supplier), we have to carry water in the bucket from the stream down the hill, to water hundred of our Pisang Tanduk. (I cannot forget how tiring the task was). Most probably that is how our Pisang Tanduk never produce amazing bunches as Pisang Nangka and Pisang Emas. So I told my husband, it is ok if we can just give them a chance this year, with lots of rain and organic fertilizer; let see how they are doing. If they fail to produce, then we can consider planting them for family consumption only.
Our first bunch of Pisang Emas, we distributed it among family and friends

Our first bunch of Pisang Nangka, its weight around 25kg

Two Bunches of Pisang Emas

I admit that these Pisang Tanduk do not look impressive

Pisang Nangka stand side by side with Pisang Tanduk
My husband always keeps a bunch of Pisang Emas for my Son

My husband gives a bunch of Pisang Nangka to Wak Isa, and he makes banana chips for us, so nice and crispy..

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