Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Back Yard Chicken : Annoying Me

In July 2012 we bought 30 chickens for Wak Nan to rear, our intention is only to make Wak Nan happy. At that time, he was the only worker that we had. I thought, by rearing those chickens he will not feel so lonely, at least he has some pets to care.

Despite predators that always-attacking Wak Nan chickens, they have multiplied to about 200 chickens this year. Because they are back yard chicken, they always create havoc in my back yard. Some of them can fly like a bird and end up landing on my cabin roof.  Sometimes the hens lay their eggs in my rain gutter, we only realize that when eggs rolling down thru our drainage pipe during the rain. I am worried if they contaminated rainwater that we collected. They also lay their eggs in every corner that looks comfortable for them, inside the hole under the tree, in the bushes, behind the storeroom, inside the garage, even in my car.

Most of the times these hens will sit on their eggs, but sometimes they just leave the eggs rotten in their nest. It is really annoying me if I find a clutch of rotten eggs in the bushes. If we find the abandoned eggs earlier, we place it to the nest of the broody hen for hatching, but sometimes this practice can confuse the mother because not all the eggs have hatched at the same times. For a solution to the problems, we prepared an orphan chick’s box for those that's rejected by their mother. These orphan chicks need 24 hours warmer. So sari connected the orphan box to solar system therefore we can on warmer light 24 hours a day.

Last week I told my husband that I could not tolerate with so many chickens any more. So, he goes to the market and asks the chicken seller if she interested to buy some backyard chicken. She offers us with a very good price. In the evening, we catch around 50 chickens (including some rooster) and sale it to her. Surprisingly we got over RM1000. The chicken seller also told us that backyard chicken is the most expensive chicken in the market. She is happy if we can provide her with more chicken in the future. (Smile) good business indeed...

One afternoon I let my car's door open to reduce afternoon heat, when I want to use the car in the evening, I am so surprised to find an egg on the floor of my car driver seat 

When I clear the bushes in front of the goat pen, I found this, really annoying me

They are small in size and very good in flying, now we are trying to get bigger species to rear and most importantly species does not fly

Small creatures and insects is part of their diet

They don't really bother whether we feed them or not

Food is coming.. There are left over from Pak Aziz Warung (stall)

Sari replaces Wak Nan, feeding the flock every evening

Dries corns also given every day

Young chickens were placed in special areas to avoid being picked by older chickens

At night most of them will sleep in the netting area to avoid predators but some of them prefer the tree branches as their sleeping spot
This is our big hero

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