Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Visitor From Borneo

The last two weeks have been very busy days for me and my husband. My mother came to Kuala Lumpur to do some medical check-up so we have to attend her. But last weekend she has an opportunity to visit our farm and our under construction cabin. As a farmer she is very happy because I follow her footsteps. I can feel her true farmer blood when she insisted to plant a few tapioca and corns to mark her visit to our farm, despite her poor health. Her next visit would be in November and she is looking forward to plant more tapiocas. 

The Tapioca Lady

She started doing farm job since she was 20 years old, now she owns a few hectares of palm oil farm

My mother with my maid and my best friend Cik Bee

Surprised to see so many The mangosteen

Very often to see Mangosteen in my home town

Cik Bee under the lime tree

Posing with the gerobak (wheelbarrow)

Behind the cabin

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