Wednesday, 3 October 2012

First Harvest: Tapioca

This is the tapioca that we harvest last weekend. So smooth, tender and yummy. My mother loves to eat tapioca tubers with salted fish and sambal belacan (prawn paste gravy). Same goes to my  nephew, Alif, he said "Tapioca + salted fish + black coffee = heaven". hehehe.. So last weekend everybody was happy to have some boiled tapioca tuber with salted fish for breakfast, and tapioca shoots in coconut milk with rice for lunch. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture on tapioca shoots. Just take a look what we have..

Young tapioca tuber, in fact too young to harvest

Wak Nan and Alif pulled it from the ground

Young, tender and smooth, some people call it cassava

Salted fish that my husband brought from Sabah

My maid's sambal belacan, It's hot!!!

According to my nephew judgement these combination can bring him to heaven hahaha

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