Thursday, 18 October 2012

My first incubated chicks

Sleepy, tired and exhausted, that's how I describe myself now. I have been travelling to my farm two times this week to monitor the progress of my cabin construction and to send someone there. Who is the person I will tell you later. By the way, on the 8th of October, my first incubated chicks have hatched. Among 25 eggs that I incubated only five hatched. I don’t know what the reason behind the failure is. Anyway thanks to En. Zali from Zali Agrofarm who help me a lot during the hatching process.

Chick emerges from the shells

Dry and fluffy

One of the chicks has a deformed leg

The chick can't stand properly so she/he sit when she/he eat

sleepy chick

I am so busy that I forgot to do some prepartion for the hatching, we don't have chicks food so my daughter pound some corn flake for the chicks

The chicks live on corn flake for several days until my husband bring some chick food from the farm

They are happy inside the brooder with 15 watt red bulb


Hidayah Salim said...

wah puan jadi baby sitteryer!...

rasimah abdul rahman said...

nampaknya mcm tu la, anak akak pun marah pelihara ayam kat rumah, takut hama katanya, tapi minggu depan dah boleh masuk dlm reban la anak2 ayam ni


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