Thursday, 11 October 2012

Construction of The Log Cabin : 11th weeks / day 2

Last night my husband just came back from our farm. He looks sleepy and tired. He took two days leave to help technicians from Gumi Asli Electrikal Sdn Bhd ( who install solar system in our cabin. Gumi Asli is one of Malaysia leading company in the design, installing, supply, delivery and testing solar stand alone and hybrid system in Malaysia. It's so nice to know that we are using something that do not pollute our world but just wait for the bills. Can't wait to see what the damage is like. ( I forgot to mention that my “treasury” nearly dry.. )
We also collected rain water for domestic consumption. I think we are going to have a green house..

Some of the solar panel, marked in the red colour were the toasted corns haha

Huhu look at the ceiling fan, my hubby choice, I want to change it

Two of the technicians

climbing up

This is for flowering vines, hopes I can plant one very soon

The fence nearly completed, I plan to put garden benches or rustic outdoor furniture here

we have two tanks that collected rain water, and more to come

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