Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Celebrating My Birthday at Berjaya Resort in Tioman Island

Last weekend was my birthday, my husband and I spent a little time together the whole weekend at Tioman Island. Sometimes it's nice to forget all commitment and left the hectic life in the city behind. Just eat, sleep, swimming and snorkelling.. 
Berjaya Air.. The only aviation company that's fly to Tioman Island

Tioman Airport reminds me of Pacific Island Airport

The lobby

Gift Shop behind the lobby



Wooden craft in front of the lobby

I can see a cruise from the lobby. Some people say, this cruise belongs to Tan Seri Vincent Tan, The owner of Berjaya Resort

Tired and sleepy? This is so inviting

In fact..We slept the whole afternoon hahaha

After evening tea, my husband and I spent the evening at the beach

Two little boys playing at the beach

The walkway along the beach

I think this is a navy vessel patrolling the island

The coconut tree looks so beautiful at sunset

My hubby with our ride

The sunset

2nd day - the snorkelling trip. My hubby and En.Sham at the jetty

Me at the beach ready to snorkel

1st spot - Coral Island

Clear water and beautiful beach                                    

Beautiful scenery on the way to Sanglang Village for lunch - popular spot for kayaking

Abandoned resort at Sanglang Village

Lunch at Sanglang Village

Nice ice blended

The menu

2nd snorkelling spot - The Marine Park

fish.. and  a lot of fish...

The golf course

The sea and the mountain

Tioman square


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