Thursday, 20 September 2012

Third Hatching

This is third natural hatching in our chicken coop, six new chicks. When my husband visited the farm last weekend, Wak Nan already put the chicks and the mom into the brooder. So my husband just makes a few shoots from outside the brooder. I do not know what happened to the older chicks which were 4 weeks old. My husband said Wak Nan already put them out of the brooder because according to his judgment the chicks are strong enough to live in the coop with the adult chicken. Emmmm I don’t think so, to me, I will let them in the brooder for about two months before let them free range. Let see what happen next weekend ..

Six fluffy chicks. 

Our 1st black in colour chik

Wak Nan put a 15 watt bulb to warm them at night

I hope I see them next weekend

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