Tuesday, 4 September 2012

10 days old chicks and 2nd hatching

Our 1st hatching chicks already 10 days old, a little feather can be seen on their wing. We still put them in the brooder with the mom. After 3 weeks they can live independently without the mom. By the way, 2nd hatching had occurred in our farm but only with 2 chicks. The rest of the eggs had already eaten by monkeys. Its ok I guess, this is our 1st attempt and so much more to learn.

They look healthy, but I have not given them any vaccine yet

Bird view of the chicks

a little feather can be seen on their wing, soon they do not need their mother to warm them at night
The 2nd hatching. Can't get sharp shots on them

2 chicks, one is white in colour and the other was brown

The mom looks so fierce 

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