Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fever and Fever again

I got a high fever for the last three days. I remembered I just got my last fever on 21st of August and now I got it again. My mom said maybe I am too tired juggling two jobs at a time. She told me to have some rest and she keeps on talking about health bla bla bla.. So I guess this weekend I will stay at home and follow her advice. This is 2nd weekend I did not visit the farm. Last weekend we were quite busy preparing for the Eidul Fitr Open House and sending my third son to Egypt. I hope everything is going well there even though without me present.
Preparation for Eidul Fitr Open House 

My son is testing the water (for weather), at the back Copral Rosli and Sarjan Azlan are preparing for the BBQ

My nephew, Alif and Cik Di

The Prayer...

The Guest..

The food..

Preparing his bags 

Everything in a mess

At KLIA with his friend

Our family

Bye bye.. He has gone to Egypt to pursue his study of medicine

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