Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Incubator

I bought an Incubator from Zali Agro Farm a few weeks ago. Just now I just put 25 eggs inside the incubator after doing some research on how to use it for a few days. According to my reading, it is good if we can disinfect the eggs first before we incubated them. So I damp a “good morning” face towel using Listerine mouth wash and wipe the egg before I carefully tag the eggs. After that I arrange them nicely in the incubator. After I switch on the Incubator about nearly 2 hours, then I remember I forgot to put a bowl of water under the incubator tray. I quickly fill a plastic plate with water and put it under the tray. I admit I am a little bit panicky in doing this.. But if I do not try it now, I bet will never use it.. Let’s see what happen after 4 days.. Thank you to En. Zali who helping me a lot with my panic attack.

The conditions of the eggs before I clean it

I clean with a damp face towel

Using Listrine as a desinfecten agent

The clean eggs

Carefully arrange the eggs inside the incubator

I put the incubator on the top of my kitchen counter for easy management

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Joseph said...

Your article is good, we too deal with incubator


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