Wednesday, 28 November 2012

School Holiday in Malaysia

Middle of November until January is a school holiday in Malaysia so many Malaysian took this opportunity to hold a wedding reception, family day, gathering, dinner and so on. Last weekend my husband and I attended one wedding reception, a family day, a dinner and a gathering.  This weekend we are going to attend one wedding reception and two gatherings, and for next weekend we have four weeding invitations.
Obviously we need to slow down our farming activity for some “social obligation” within these two months. 
We have been invited to Petaling Jaya Traffic police Family day at Santuary Resort Cherating Pahang

Nice and cosy apartment


Living Room

View from our balcony

Add caption

Inspector Ismail (sitting) the boss of Point Duty Unit ,Traffic Police Petaling Jaya



I'm invited to a farewell gathering for Konstable Nurul who is going to transfer to Terengganu

For ladies only...

A lot of foods 

Nice Cowboy Mug. I guess..

Everybody having fun

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