Friday, 9 November 2012

RIP Coco - The loving mother

Coco the old mother goat has been passed away last week. We cannot figure out what has been the cause behind her poor health recently. Before that, last two weeks we also lost her twins. The twins look weak without any reason and suddenly died. I blame myself for being so busy until I didn’t notice the health condition of the twins. Only now I realize maybe because of their mother's poor health, they didn't have enough milk, make them weak and died. Anyway they were only 3 months old.
 Hhhhhmmmmm (sigh) keeping livestock needs a lot of responsibility...

Coco among the first arrived at our farm

Coco with our papa goat - The papa goat has been sold last eid al edha

After giving birth to the twins


Hidayah Salim said...

bila kehilangan mesti kita terasa kesedihannya walaupun hanya seekor kambing,.......sabaryer puan

rasimah abdul rahman said...

tq hidayah, memang macam tu lah keadaannya. setelah 2 tahun memelihara kambing ni, dah mcm pets pulak bukan macam ternakan. apa-apa pun terima kasih banyak pd dayah ye..


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